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Cleaning Miami Pressure Cleaning

A local, eco-friendly cleaning business, we use state-of-the-art, high-pressure cleaning equipment to clean and disinfect those areas that need a professional touch.

Whether the job is a playground, a commercial toilet block or residential work, we ensure bacteria and odours are removed using our top-of-the-range cleaning equipment. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ensure that any excess water is removed once the job is completed.

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We guarantee you will be 100 per cent satisfied with our advanced high-pressure hot water washer.


Air conditioners may harbour dangerous levels of toxic material such as mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria and even human DNA (skin cells) if not regularly cleaned. Our special HydroKleen system — a process that has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program — will remove these nasties and improve your health and wellbeing.

We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing split systems, window units, ceiling cassette units as well as ducted systems. Our HydroKleen cleaning method will not only ensure you and your family live in a healthier environment but also save money as the unit will run more efficiently.

No job too big or small for your local, eco-friendly pressure cleaners!

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Pressure Cleaning Miami

Want to impress all of your guests, visitors and clients and add the wow factor to all surfaces around your property. Unfortunately, obtaining high-quality pressure cleaning results through standard and traditional cleaning methods, is near impossible. At JC Eco Blasting Miami, we are here to help you achieve the results you want and deserve. Professional pressure cleaning Miami is not only an effective and efficient process but will also add great value to your residential home or commercial site. At JC Eco Blasting we have been assisting Miami residents with all their pressure cleaning needs for many years. We continue to provide a one of a kind service and produce jaw-dropping, eye-catching surfaces that will not break the bank. Industry leaders in all aspects of pressure cleaning Miami, JC Eco Blasting, has you covered!

Taking advantage of a professional pressure cleaning service provides countless benefits, some of which include:

  • Extending the Life of your Property – Leaving your surfaces unattended and allowing build up can really take a toll and result in severe and at times permanent damage to your property. Maintaining your surfaces through professional pressure cleaning will not only preserve your properties appearance but will also assist in extending shelf life, reducing the need for repairs or replacements.
  • Enhancing Curbside Appeal – If you are looking to sell, engaging with a professional pressure cleaning service will bring your property up to a standard that will impress potential buyers as well as increasing value.
  • Health and Safety – The build up of dirt, mold, mildew etc, can create an unsafe and unhealthy environment. While bacteria can pose a serious health risk and build up can produce slippery surfaces, a professional pressure cleaner will leave you with an optimal clean and healthy environment for yourself and those around you.
  • Preparation for Renovations – Professional pressure cleaning is the best way to prep and prime your surface for any work you are planning to do, whether it be painting or refinishing, the innovative equipment used will get into every nook and cranny, ensuring your surface is clean and prepared for any renovations.

We have built a strong reputation at JC Eco Blasting, through our many years of experience and through our extensive knowledge and skill. Over the years, our success rate skyrocketed – imagine what we can do for you and your property! We are known for our genuine passion for offering a superior pressure cleaning service alongside a top of the line experience to all of our clients, every single time. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and dedicated team to exceed all of your expectations, look no further than JC Eco Blasting. Conveniently located in Miami, Queensland, you will have the confidence that you are always in capable hands with us. We are here to completely cover all of your pressure cleaning needs while providing an eco-friendly, cost effective and effective solution. Consistently using the most advanced and innovative tools and equipment to achieve the best results for your surfaces, efficiently, so you are able to sit back and enjoy the end result.

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